In a Blog on the trends in open online learning Morrison (2013) suggests that social media enables collaboration among learners and she identified three social trends that will influence the education.

  1. Collaborating seamlessly means learners interacting without technological barriers, whether the teachers and learners are within an organization or at relating at  a  distance, tools such as “in the cloud” and “Google docs”   enable synonymous action. Teachers enable the collaboration through the following: ” peer projects, virtual study groups, and self-directed learning via their personal networks. though educators shouldn’t be far behind.”(Morrison, 2013, para. 5).
  2. Humanizing interactions through tools that capture user feedback and incorporates the feedback into the application, like SlideKlowd, Google Docs – Directions, and Twitter for Education, .
  3. Personalizing learning with technology that lets the student take control of their learning; MOOC platforms and Mozilla Badges, Linked In, and  Degreed facilitate life long learning.


Morrison, D. (2013). Three Social Trends That Influence Education in 2014. In online learning insights: A blog about Open and Online Education Retrieved May 25, 2014 from