Maestro Otto Tausk Otto Tausk was masterful in his animated conducting of the VSO this evening. A Dutch theme with music from the 20th century prevailed as Tausk began with the world premier of “Helix” by Edward Top. Brother pianists followed with a concerto for two pianos by Frances Poulenc, who wrote  the music  experience of the Paris Colonial Exposition in 1931.  Seated in the second row, I was intrigued by the closeness to a small harp; and later we wondered how the musician transported her instrument. After intermission, it was Stravinsky’s music from a ballet known as “The Firebird”. We were transfixed by Tausk’s movements; he smiled and gestured to his musicians, graciously acknowledging individuals and deftly used his fingers and fists to commence or close a musical passage. Apparently, Stravinsky visited Vancouver in 1965, a time when the city was largely unknown to the rest of the world. In these autumn concerts, Tausk makes his inaugural debut as music director for the VSO. Tausk conducts with physicality and reinforces our European roots. And yes, there was chocolate soufflé in our pre-concert meal!